the college profile

The School Profile

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The School Profile By: Brooke Carleton If you’re currently a senior in the thick of college applications you have probably heard of the School Profile or have seen it mentioned on the Common Application.  If you haven’t quite started the college application process, then read on to learn more about what the School Profile is and the importance of it.   …

Developing & Maintaining Good Study Habits

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Good study habits are essential for college success. It’s expected, that by the time you reach college, you will know how to budget your time and study effectively. The best time to develop and perfect your study skills is through middle and high school.

The Truth about Grandparent-owned 529 College Savings Plans and College Aid

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By Troy Onink, Forbes Magazine Contributing Writer Many grandparents save for their grandchild’s college education using 529 college savings plans for good reason, but there is confusion about whether or not it will hurt the grandchild’s eligibility for college financial aid. The answer is that it depends, but even if it does it may not have a big impact. 529 …

Tips to being a smart college shopper.

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Be a Smart College Shopper: Don’t overbuy your college tuition. Know that a low tuition doesn’t mean a low quality of education. Don’t buy solely based on a brand name or random statistics. Avoid “impulse buying” – geography, alma mater, etc. Avoid “dumb shopping” – buying based on name of university and not based on the program. Some unknown colleges/universities …

Make your holiday break count.

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| Make your holiday break count | Staying up late, sleeping in, resting, regrouping, and relaxing are probably on every student’s to-do list. A break from school, whether it be high school or college, is a great respite. By all means, enjoy the time off but once you have been able to sleep in and recover from final exams, what …

Average Students: Where do they fit in?

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Average students: Where do they fit in to the whole college admissions equation? Ask new residents how they ended up in a particular neighborhood and no doubt good schools and education will come up in the equation. You may be blessed to live in an area with high educational standards and achievement but recognize that that can be a challenge …

Happy New Year. Now fill out that FAFSA!

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January 1 – Happy New Year’s! Don’t forget to get started on those important New Year’s resolutions – exercise more, eat healthier, get more sleep, get better organized, etc. Enjoy the day but don’t forget something very important – get that FAFSA completed. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid can be submitted on January 1st (midnight to be exact) …

NAIA Scholarships: A Great Option

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If you are a high school student who is considering college athletics, don’t overlook the lesser-known NAIA programs. Many times schools associated with NAIA can offer very lucrative scholarship/grant packages and you are given the opportunity to continue on in your sport while focusing on academics. NAIA schools often reward students for being student-athletes with the emphasis on STUDENT. Many …