Is Community College Right for Me?

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Well, that depends. Many variables go into making the all-important college decision. Most of all, the question at the heart of the answer lies in your academic, social and financial reality, along with your aspirations. Are you a student that might not have it all figured out right now but know that you want to do something grand with your …

Developing a Positive Web Presence

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How will schools determine who their next freshman class will be? They do what the rest of us do when we need a fast answer: They Google it [you]. Roughly 35% of admissions officers searched students’ social media, in order to help make admission decisions. It is estimated by 2018, 60% of admissions officers will review applicants’ social media.

How's Your Social Media Presence?

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Your hilarious post about your teacher falling in class got 256 likes. Your ugly selfie SnapChat was screenshot a half dozen times. You may have forgotten about these posts but trust me, it’s out there and it matters. We live our lives on social media showing the world what we believe is the best version of ourselves. And why not, …