College Resources

While we strive to provide everything you need, there are many outside resources that we believe in and have seen firsthand how they can bring value to a family in the college planning phase of their lives.

Here are just a few of our favorite and most important websites, services, and books!

SERVICES and websites

FAFSA Online |

The official site for completing the FREE Application for Federal Student Aid.

Department of Education PIN |

To complete the FAFSA on the Web, both the student and one parent should apply for Department of Education PIN numbers. You can apply here!

FAFSA School Codes |

All colleges and universities that receive federal financial aid funding have a 6-digit Federal School Code. Check to see if your college receives federal aid here.

Career Vision |

Career Vision offers highly personalized career counseling services that help students discover and develop their talents and how they translate exciting career possibilities. Their process is more in-depth than high schools and colleges are able to offer, and makes college major decisions much easier. They are part of the non-profit Ball Foundation in Glen Ellyn, IL.

Johnson O-Connor Research Foundation |

Just like scientists use data to make predictions, aptitude testing can help you predict the types of careers you’ll thrive in. Our work is rooted in the scientific study of human abilities and the mission of our founder, Johnson O’Connor, who believed that everyone has natural talents that should be nurtured and used. For over 80 years, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of people understand their innate potential and choose careers that fit how their minds like to work, naturally.

We have many more we’d love to share with you!

Request additional resources on any given topic, and we’ll get back to you with some more of our favorites!