At Lighthouse College Planning, we keep it simple and effective.

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Online Career Search
College Search With Telephone Counseling Session
Financial Aid Strategies
Recommendations to Reduce EFC (Expected Family Contributions)
FAFSA Review & Submission
CSS Profile Review & Submission*
Institutional Form Assistance
SAT/ACT ePrep Program
Student Loan Guide
Team of 3 College Planning Professionals
Award Letter Review & Appeals
4 Individualized Essay ReviewX
Personlized Resume BuildingX
Student Career & Major Mentoring SessionX
1 Interview Prepration SessionX
3 College List Building & Research Session (Follow-Up to Initial College Search)X
Individualized College Application Timeline ManagementX
Monthly Student Check-Ins for Juniors/Senions,
bi-monthly for Freshman/Sophomores
Create College Course Track Based on MajorX

*Lighthouse College Planning is not responsible for profile filing fees charged by the College Board.

Services in blue, are provided by our Experienced In-House Lighthouse Counselors.


Return on Investment?

Our services cost about 1 month of college.

On average, our families are SAVING an additional 15k+/year from where they started.

To provide the most value, we only work with families we know we can help.

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The premiere testing study software, ePrep provides students with unmatched test prep tools. Extra points on the ACT or SAT test can mean thousands extra in merit aid!

How Our Prep Works.

Coursework is completed on-line

The tool pre-tests students, then builds a study guide covering ONLY areas for improvement.

The tool is designed by Princeton University Graduates.

  • 20 hours of instruction
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Essay writing support
  • Timed practice tests
  • Repeated review
  • Independent study

College Essay Review

Our team reviews college admission essay. We work alongside our students to check spelling, grammar, syntax, formatting, and more. We proofread and edit with an admission officer's eye. This ensures our students make the most of their first impression.

We can't write it for you, but we can show you how!

FAFSA Preparation

The Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a required form for any family who wishes to receive any type of financial aid. Schools use the numbers you report here to scale the aid they offer. Filling out the FAFSA correctly and early is one of the most important steps in securing your student's financial aid. We file the FAFSA for our families, ensuring it’s filled out correctly to maximize your aid package.

CSS Profile

The College Scholarship Service Profile is an application distributed by College Board members for determining college financial aid. It is much more detailed than the FAFSA. Generally speaking, most private institutions use the CSS Profile. whereas public and state universities do not. We'll make certain your CSS Profile and FAFSA match, which is critical to avoid verification (the financial aid equivalent of getting audited).

Institutional Forms

Universities often require additional forms beyond what is normally required. Part of our role is helping you understand what else, if anything, is required by the school and subsequently working together to fill it out and submit it on time.

EFC Reduction

This is the expected family contribution, essentially what a college believes you should pay out of pocket to them. We analyze your current financial situation to help you understand how your numbers look from a college's perspective. From there, we'll make recommendations on how to best position yourself to lower this number.

Award Letter Appeal

When a student is accepted to a college, they'll receive a letter breaking down the offer a college is making them. You may be surprised to learn the first offer may not be the best. Colleges use a detailed formula to calculate the lowest possible offer they can use to entice a student to attend. We'll work with you on a response supported with relevant numbers, reasons, or competing offers to get this number higher.

College Search with Telephone Counseling

Clients are provided with interactive coaching sessions between the family/student and an educational counselor. These sessions are designed to help families and students in choosing the right college and the most viable schools. Through our comprehensive college search and student positioning interview, we:
  • Search ALL four-year private and public colleges
  • Create a list of colleges that meet the student's needs, criteria, and academic background.  Perhaps just as important, our search shows which schools give money, the types of financial aid, and historically, how much they provide.

Student Loans

Lighthouse provides you with resources on your three loan options: private loans, federal Loans, and state loans. We'll give you the tools, resources, and information you need to reduce some of the college loan stress.

Interview Preparation

Did you know many colleges want student interviews? And if it’s not a requirement, it can really help with admissions. Your counselor can help prep with a mock interview, coach on responses and get your student comfortable. We also give you well thought out questions to ask the colleges.

Individualized College Application Timeline Management:

Your counselor will guide you every step of the way, simple as that. Applying to 10-15 colleges is a lot of work and lots to manage. From making sure recommendation letters have been requested to mapping out individual college deadlines, milestones and accountability, your counselor is a true teammate. The summer before senior year should have a smooth roadmap, not a crash course!

Monthly check-ins

Your counselor will schedule periodic updates as needed to ensure everyone's on the same page. "Calls" here means communication, as most students today talk with their thumbs. We'll call, text, chat, Skype, meet in person, or smoke signal your way through this process.

College List Building & Research Sessions

More in-depth follow ups to the initial college search is what many families find helpful. Your counselor will help you do the individual research, help determine best fit, and make more customized suggestions. This is in-depth guidance until the list is whittled down to the ideal 8-15 colleges that are ultimately applied to.