Getting Involved in High School: Your Top 10 Common Application Activity

Joining clubs, participating in extracurricular activities, running for governing boards, or applying for summer internships is essential when capitalizing on your high school experience. Colleges want to see that you are applying yourself, collaborating with peers, and building confidence. Colleges want to know that you were an integral part of your high school community and your drive and work ethic will transfer to their campus.

When applying, colleges want to know how you were involved at your high school. Were you a bystander or did you lead through example? Were you a participant or were you the President? Did you facilitate, create, or implement? Did you change and start initiatives? Did others listen when you spoke? These skills and attributes are developed and strengthened by learning from and working with others. Outside of the classroom, colleges want to know your interests and passions and your resume or Common Application Activity page should highlight your leadership roles, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, communication skills, and ambition.

The Common Application offers students 10 slots to explain and feature 10 different activities they participated in. Activities can range anywhere from volunteer experiences, work experiences, leadership roles, internships, or any consistent participation with external organizations. Students should place these activities in order of importance, with the top activity being the most important. The Common Application offers students an area to explain the activity or role below the activity title. The Common Application only allows students 50 characters to explain, so students need to be concise and to the point.