Working While at College – Internships

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How important are internships for students in college? To do or not to do, in this blog I will be addressing some reasons why internships and volunteer experience are beneficial for students while in college.
Across all majors, industries, and organizations, internship experience can be pivotal to your career goals. The competition for jobs continues to increase. Having the opportunity to gain real-world experience through internships can help you stand out among your competition and boost your resume, which leads us into the next point.
Have you ever heard the next sentence? “It’s all about who you know.” An internship in college can be an opportunity to network, build relationships and gain resources with employees already in your desired industry. These employees get a chance to see you in work-related situations and can become a mentor for you to grow in the field.
Can’t find internships at your college? Keep investigating. There are similar ways to build your resume and gain experience that an internship accomplishes. Check with your Office of Student Services to get involved in activities that directly relate to your major.
When you’re researching the perfect college match for you, be sure to look into the opportunities for internships, work-study and volunteer experience available for you.