Getting to Know Your Professors

Why does it matter?

So you’ve made some progress with finding a couple of friends. Joined a club and found a study group. But have you thought about taking the time to develop relationships with your college professors? Well, you should. It can be beneficial, both in and out of the classroom. Perhaps you’re thinking that in high school you had no trouble building a great rapport with your teachers, and that’s probably true. But there is a several difference between then and now. For starters, class size. 30 students in your Algebra 2 class to 300 students in a lecture hall, well you do the math… How will you stand out?
It may require a bit more effort on your part, but it’s worth it! Here are some ways to stand out in a large class:

  1. Ask questions. Show your interest in the curriculum, share your thoughts when prompted.
  2. Don’t rush out of class. Take your time wrapping up, stay for a few extra minutes. Even chatting with another class member afterward can help set you apart as others are leaving.
  3. Utilize office hours, even if you don’t need help. Pop in and say hello, introduce yourself. Sometimes that’s all it takes to put you on the radar.

Now that we’ve identified a few easy ways to get in front of your professor let’s talk about the benefits of getting to know them. (Seniors, this is extra important for you!) Interacting with teachers is excellent professional preparation. Think back to when you really wanted to get into your top college and were considering teachers in high school to write a letter of recommendation for you, now fast forward four years and you really want to get a job or internship that relates to your major. A good letter of recommendation from a college professor can be a huge benefit in achieving your goals. Professors can also be a great resource. Just think about how many connections just one is likely to have in your field of interest.
Get to know your professors, I may be one of the easiest tings you do in college that can help you throughout the year AND years to come.