Staying Organized

By Lighthouse Counselor Sean Murphy – M.Ed.,
There are many types of time management tools that students and professionals can use daily to help makes our lives run much smoother. When I was a student and as a professional, one thing that makes my life so much easier is the use of my calendar. These organizational tools have progressed from a desk calendar to a day planner, a day planner to a plan pilot, and most recently to my much loved iCal. I am somewhat of an organization nerd so I love the options that my iCal gives me in order to stay prepared and organized. I use color coded bands so when I look at my calendar I know what I need to do each week for work, myself, and my home, as well as travel plans.
Using this type of system has been so helpful to keep me on schedule and successful!imac-605421_1280.jpg
Most students have a smart phone or some sort or technology with a built in calendar. Start there… Use what you have at your fingertips to help organize and manage your time! I promise you if you do so, you will see the benefit.
mac_calendar_list.pngMy iCal keeps me on target to reach my weekly goals as well as stay on track of my appointments.
Life is crazy, limit the crazy by staying organized…