Average Students: Where do they fit in?

Average students: Where do they fit in to the whole college admissions equation? Ask new residents how they ended up in a particular neighborhood and no doubt good schools and education will come up in the equation. You may be blessed to live in an area with high educational standards and achievement but recognize that that can be a challenge to the “average” senior who is applying to colleges. Based on what we often see cited, you would think every single kid applying to college is a 4.00 and a 34 ACT score. While much of the attention in the media focuses on the top colleges and the status of “A” and “B” students, “We should care about ‘C’ students because they’re the backbone of our country,” says Claire D. Friedlander, a college consultant at Bedford Central School District in New York and with Jewish Family Service in Stamford, Connecticut. She observes that half the students she counsels are “C” students. “That means they’re average-the guy next door, the gal next door.”
Average students often excel academically in college. Let’s face it not every student grows at the same pace. Some students who did not excel academically in high school may have not blossomed yet but still have the potential to succeed. There are schools out there that accept average students and they provide a strong educational program. So, quit worrying about other kids and focus on your own strengths and what you need to be successful. What kind of school would you thrive best in? Institutional fit must be a priority. Figure out what those are and apply to those 6-7 schools which offer the best fit. Forget about trying to get accepted to schools which might not be a good fit.
Don’t be discouraged. There is a right school out there you just may need to look in a different place to find it.