Service and Volunteering – What Role Do They Play In The Admissions Process

When college admissions counselors are reviewing applicants, one of the considerations is volunteer and service. We recommend you pick one or two areas that you are passionate about and commit your time and energy, admissions counselors notice.
If you love animals, find a local shelter. If you’re interested in health care, volunteer for a local hospital. Find a club in your school and get involved and hold an office. Not only is volunteering good for your admissions packet, it’s also gives you real insight into potential career choices and you develop work related skills at the same time you’re making a difference. It’s an all around win.
When you put down your volunteer experience show your passion by including personal antidotes and how you’ve changed from your experience. What did you learn about yourself and how specifically did you make a difference.
If you are unable to volunteer due to work commitments because of financial reasons, be upfront about that when you apply to college. The admissions counselors understand that sometimes volunteering isn’t an option.
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