New Book Answers the Question – How am I going to pay for college?

Parents' College Survival Guide:  Planning and Paying for College
This book will show you how to pay for college and retire too!

John S. Groleau CCPS, MSFS is the owner of Lighthouse College Planning and the author of the book “Parents’ College Survival Guide: Planning and Paying for College”. John wrote the book after being inspired by various parents seeking truthful, effective and easy to follow financial advice. The book features John’s experience as both a parent and financial professional. The book is available through Amazon and Kindle.
“Parents’ College Survival Guide: Planning and Paying for College” utilizes Groleau’s knowledge, cultivated over a quarter of a century, for comprehensive college planning principals applied in real-world situations. Career options, college selection, financial aid and scholarships are often uncertain aspects when starting off in life. Groleau’s book helps parents, and students, realize what financial options are viable and what responsibilities accompany a scholarship.
John Groleau’s book is an all-inclusive guide discussing various case studies related to its subject matter. “Our goal is to have every student THRIVE, and not just survive, in their college years, with as little financial burden as possible.” states John Groleau. “Thirty seven percent of college freshmen do not return to school for their sophomore year. A majority of students attribute financial reasons as the number one factor for not completing their college education“.
“Parents’ College Survival Guide: Planning and Paying for College” allows a parent to understand the financial process, and commitment, attending college requires. The book also helps dispel myths about financial aid, clarifies issues related to retirement nest eggs and helps parents fund college with minimal debt.
John S. Groleau is a Certified College Planning Specialist with a Master’s of Science in Financial Services. A key part of John’s company, Lighthouse College Planning, are the seven counselors he has on staff. These counselors work directly with students to help them prepare for college life. In addition, his company works with families on financial planning strategies to minimize out of pocket college expenses, maximize financial aid eligibility and meet long-term goals.
John regularly speaks to groups on a variety of subjects related to financial planning and preparing for college. The Groleau family are longtime residents of Aurora, Illinois. All four of the Groleau children successfully attended college. John and his wife, Layla, are active in several community organizations and their church.
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