Public or Private College?

It’s a common myth that a private college costs more than a public college. This is not always the case.
Although state schools generally have lower tuition costs, private colleges have more flexibility in offering financial aid that comes directly from the school. Out-of-state tuition at a public university is often higher than private schools.
When considering a college, make sure the college has your major, is the right size for you and offers internships in your area of study. Then apply, you may be surprised at the type of aid offered at the school. Call the financial aid office and talk to the admissions representatives to get an idea of what type of aid you may be eligible for.
Many schools offer a great education. Do your homework and make sure the school you are considering offers a great education in your field.
The lesson, concentrate on the schools that offer great programs in your field, regardless if they are public or private. Then work with the school’s financial aid office to determine your financial aid package and true final cost.
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