Checklist to Review When Choosing a College

Choosing the right college takes time and effort. It’s not just where your friends or going, where your parents went or who has the best football team. Doing the research up front to choose the right school will save you time and money.
What is the quality of the school? Check out more than one ranking. How does the school stack up overall? Now review the ranking of your program. Just because the school offers the program, doesn’t mean it’s a quality program. Also, have they lost or gained any professors with noted expertise in your area?
Size of the program you want? Just because it ‘s a large school doesn’t mean that your program will have the backing, funding and staff to support your program. Check out not only the size of the school, but the size of your program.
Does size of school matter? Some students do well in an intimate environment and some like the variety of a larger school. Check out small, medium and large size schools. How much does relationships with your professors matter to you? Do you want to do research as an undergraduate? There are positives and negatives to all, so you’ll need to determine what is best for you and your learning style
How far from home do you want to live? Many students think it’s a great idea to go far away, but as the decision actually comes close, decide they really want to be within a car drive distance from home. Really think through how often you’ll want to come home. Have you been away for a long time before? Were you homesick? Most students go through an adjustment period during their first semester, and most schools have program to assist the students.
Urban, suburban, small town or college town. Consider all strengths and weaknesses when choosing a school. But remember that internships are critical, so be sure you’ll be able to have one no matter where you go to school
How well equipped is the school? Do they have the latest computers? How about for your major? If you want to go into broadcasting, how often does the school upgrade their equipment
Private or public. Private institutions have higher price tags than public ones do, but some private schools offer more financial aid. Don’t let the initial price tag scare you away. How much do they offer in aid?
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