Demonstrated Interest – Why It's Important

Demonstrated interest, according to a recent by the National Association of College Counseling, is considered in the application process in about half of the colleges and universities. Demonstrated interest is how much interest the prospective student shows in the college. The colleges want to ‘save their spots’ for students with the most interest. Plus those with the most interest will likely stay for the duration of their degree and will be positive about the school.
How do you show demonstrated interest?
Here are 8 ways to show interest.
1. Provide supplemental essays and letters of recommendation.
2. Interview with the college, whether required or not.
3. Go to college fairs and talk to the admissions representatives.
4. Contact your admission representative periodically.
5. Send a hand-written thank you notes to anyone you meet at the school.
6. Request information from the college.
7. Apply early. This not only shows your interest, but is important in scholarship money.
8. Visit the campus and stay overnight if possible.
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