College Visits – The Opportunity To Explore

College visits are an important part of the college selection process. Since you’ll be spending several years and thousands of dollars, be sure that the school you’re considering is a good fit for you.
Here’s some tips for the college visit.
1. Take notes. Come prepared with all your questions and a camera. This is your opportunity to make sure the school fits you. Ask any and all questions. What happens on the weekend? What clubs are available? How accessible are the professors?
2. Explore on your own. Talk to kids on campus. Read the bulletin boards. Does the campus feel like home? Can you see yourself as a student on the campus? Ask the current students: How difficult are internships to get? What do you like best/least?
3. Eat in the dining hall. Get an idea of what types of foods they serve. Do you like the food? Do the kids seem happy? Talk to the students in the cafeteria.
4. Visit some classes. Make sure you go to some in your major. Are you inspired? Do you like the professors in your area of interest? Be sure to talk to some of the students in your major. Spend some extra time with the professors.
5. Sleep over and talk to lots of students. Find out the inside track of the school. Really experience what it’s like to be a student and make sure it’s a fit.
Have fun. This is your opportunity to explore your options!
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