The Importance of Experience

College graduates often face the common problem, employers want experience, but how do you get experience if no one will give you experience.
The answer: Internships.
An important element to selecting a college should be the track record with internships.
How does the college, and more specifically the student’s program, help find internships?
Are the internships local?
How many will they help the student find?
Will the school help you get internships each year?
Not only do internships provide experience, but the contacts made during those internships can help students land that first professional job and other jobs in the future. We tell our kids, study hard and get good grades. That is not enough. We also need to tell them, work at building contacts in your field and get as much experience and as many internships as possible. When it comes to getting a job, who you know plays a more important role in landing a job than what you know
From the book by John Groleau, Certified College Planning Specialist
Says Amanda, a recent college graduate, “I graduated with a double major with a good GPA, and I cannot find a professional level job. Every place I apply says that I do not have enough experience to work for them, even though I am not sure how I am ever supposed to get experience if I am not able to start anywhere. After graduating from college, I worked at two different minimum wage jobs I could have done in high school just to make some sort of money to pay off my student loans. All of my friends are in the same position, as well. I am currently thinking of going back to graduate school to get a higher degree. I am worried, though, that I will add on a lot more student loans, and still be unable to get a good job after I graduate from there.”