Common College Interview Questions

The college interview is an opportunity for the student to shine. Below are some common questions interviewers may ask. Being prepared in the key to success. We suggest videotaping a practice interview to identify any improvements that need to be done.
Tell me about yourself.
Why are interested in our college?
What can I tell you about our college?
Who in your life has influenced you the most?
Why do you want to major in______?
What will you contribute to our campus community?
Tell me about a challenge you had to overcome?
What do you do for fun?
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Does your high school record accurately reflect your effort and ability?
Recommend a good book to me.
If you could do one thing differently in your high school career, what would it be?
What did you do last summer?
Why do you want to go to college?
How do you define success?
Who do you most admire?
What is your biggest weakness?
Tell me about your family.
Remember to be yourself. This is an opportunity to shine!