Tips for College Success

College is a time of learning in and out of the classroom. Below are some tips for academic success.

  • Schedule a course load that fits you. Make sure to schedule time for studying. If possible, try not to schedule classes that are back to back.
  • Pick a study spot. Try to study at the same time in the same place each day. Most college libraries have excellent study spaces. Pick a spot where you won’t be interrupted by other students.
  • Prepare for each class as if you are going to have a pop quiz. For each hour in class, plan to spend two hours studying. Click here to discover your learning style. When you receive your syllabus on the first day of class, put all your assignment due dates in a calendar and then take the extra step to put in time before each assignment to prepare.
  • Prepare and schedule your studying time and assignments to avoid the late night or all night study binge.
  • Schedule breaks during your study time so your mind will stay sharp.
  • Colleges offer all types of help for students including study labs, students who help with papers and tutors. Be sure to take advantage of these opportunities.
  • Find a few students in each class that you can study with and who can answer questions. Remember to surround yourself with students who want to do well in school. Having friends that want to do well in school will inspire you to keep your grades up too.
  • Do the work you don’t want to do first. You’ll get it done and the rest will seem easier.
  • Remember that nutrition matters. Be good to your body.
  • Schedule time for fun too. College is a great opportunity to explore new interests.