CLEP Tests – Save Time and Money

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) offers 33 tests that you can take for college credit. You can use your knowledge gained in the classroom, internships and studying to test for college credit. If you know a foreign language or are great at math or English, try taking a CLEP test and see if you can test out of the first level of the college class. This will save you time and money in college and will afford you the opportunity to take other college courses. CLEP exams are $77 dollars so it’s worth a shot to test out of a college class.
Go to to register to take an exam. Be sure to make sure the college of your choice accepts CLEP credits. You can only repeat an exam on the same subject every 6 months, so take them as soon as possible in case you want to repeat the exam before college starts. The exams are offered at locations all over the country.