Extra College Fees Can Add Up

Below are some ‘extra’ fees to add to your college budget.
Technology Fee: $100-445
These fees cover computer lab fees, paper, ink and maintenance.
Student activities: $200+
This fee is often added onto the tuition bill to help pay for extracurricular activities on campus. It is also commonly called a student union fee.
Sports: $200 to $1,000
Intramural sports that aren’t supported by the university often have fees associated with playing.
Freshman orientation: $100
Some schools charge for orientation to cover speakers, food, etc.
Parking: $400 to $600
In addition to paying to park on campus, watch out for those parking tickets! They can add up fast.
Study abroad enrollment: $800
Many schools charge an added fee in addition to tuition for living abroad. This fee covers the school’s cost of running the program.
Off-Campus Costs: Hundreds
Food, light bulbs, furniture, heat, water, air conditioning can really add up.
Health care: $30 to $2000+
Most schools offer health care insurance for an extra fee.
Knowing up front all the costs will avoid those surprises! Be sure to check with potential colleges on extra fees not included in the tuition, room and board.