Career Planning is Key to Success

Career Planning is Key to Success
Career planning is step one before choosing a school. When students are clear on their career choice, then the next step is to select a college with the right major for that career. This eliminates the need to transfer schools later.
Career planning is often overlooked during the college planning process because stu­dents and parents have prioritized other criteria for college selection such as prestige, sports, image, influence of peers, teachers, Alma Ma­ter etc. Most families do not start the college planning process until the senior of high school.
Starting career planning earlier in high school allows the students to select high school classes in their interest area often leading to savings on college courses. Research by the US Department of Education and American College Testing show. Each year 51% of col­lege freshman drop out or transfer out of the college in which they first enrolled. Transferring to another college can also lead to more expense for the family.
The Department of Education also tells us that it takes 5.2 years to complete a four year education. After a family’s home, a college education for their children is the largest expense. Take the time to explore the options. Getting help is the best way to avoid the pitfalls of the process to ensure your child is making the right choice for the right reasons.
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